A Riesling is extravagant and hard to satisfy when it comes to location and soil. Only slate and weathered primary rock soils bring out the fragrance and liveliness so typical for this grape variety. Riesling grapes ripen late and are harvested towards the end of October, beginning of November. It is very charming in the nose and with fine nuances of peach, apricot, and citrus fruits. On the palate Riesling sports a great and lasting liveliness due to its piquant acidity. It matures over time and has, therefore, a great aging potential. This is especially true for Spätlese (late vintage wine) and Auslese (wine made from specially selected, fully ripened grapes).


Typical for the Kamp Valley


Weathered rock soils with volcanic components guarantee incomparable mineral notes, punch, and a great aging potential. Hot summer days followed by cool nights allow extremely concentrated wines with a perfectly balanced acidity.






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