Kellergewölbecellar vaults



Our vaulted wooden cellar is very traditional. Here, our wines can reach full maturity in peace and tranquility. Our top wines mature sur lie - on the natural fine yeast - either in barriques, which are small wooden barrels that hold up to 225 litres, or in middle-sized oak or acacia barrels. We have chosen this kind of vinification because it lends our wines even more body and enhances their beautiful terroir notes.


We are also proud of owning the largest refillable wooden barrel in Austria and Germany, and the oldest traditional basket press in the German-speaking part of Europe dating back to 1564 A.D.


This very old basket press has never left our village. Originally it was used by the Benedictine Abbey of Göttweig near Krems, which had vineyards also in Engabrunn, and eventually found its way to us.